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Ray King

Founder | Dad

Ray King is the Founder and an advisor of My Child Too, Inc. With a vast amount of experience, he understands the importance of "Each One, Teach One".  A true leader and exceptional Father himself, Ray thrives to use his testimony and journey to open doors and provide resources for new and seasoned single fathers. 

Being a former University of Alabama football player, Ray is a devoted supporter of Collegiate Football, ROLL TIDE! Ray currently resides in Atlanta, GA where he is an Associate Pastor at Victory City Atlanta.

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My Story

I have asked myself several times, "What is so significant about my story?".  Then it hit me square in the face!! My journey is significant because I survived it for such a time as this. 


This cause tells the story of many single dads who need to see a living testimony of their hopes. In my life, I was blessed to have several father figures and I cannot fathom why anyone would purposely desire to deny a child the opportunity to build a healthy bond with their father.


Sadly, I have witnessed biased courtrooms, one-sided court orders, and uncommitted attorneys, misleading and misrepresenting. As a father, there is nothing more disheartening than watching your child be used as a pawn or a weapon.


I have been on all sides of this unfortunate situation. I have won some but lost much more, TIME. The time spent can never be replaced or given back. I never want anyone to experience this type of pain without adequate support and resources. This is why "My Child Too" was birthed to provide hope, strategy, support, and resources while calling out those injustices that impact our children for generations to come. This is not just a fight for fathers and their children, but a fight for the entire family.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Phone: 331-222-3636

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