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About Us

We are a confidential solution to a problem. At ‘My Child Too’ we strive to eradicate the unnecessary tension, miscommunications, absentness, and financial insecurities that overshadow a single father and his intentions to raise his child. We are a bridge, a resource, and listening ear for single dads who desire strategy and wisdom to build a solid foundation for their children. We recognize that we all have different cultures, backgrounds, and convictions, but one thing is for sure, the child should always come first.

Image by Ian Schneider
Image by Rachel McDermott


We strive to unite fathers and their children back together, preventing the seeds of Abandonment, Rejection, and Lack of Discipline from ever taking root in a father/child relationship.


To be the leading voice used in eradicating the deterioration of a single father’s relationship with their child and/or children.

Image by Humphrey Muleba
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